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Old School - Wilt Chamberlain, with Bill Russell nipping at his heels. Not sure how the Offensive/Defensive breakdown between those two were, as the stats aren't really there to corroborate.

70's to early 80's. - Moses Malone owned the offensive boards season after season. Not really any competition in that area. Defensive boards, which I don't think are quite as important, as they can be divied up easier among team-mates, especially if you have bigger or more aggressive guard play, is a bit trickier.

I'll leave that answer to somebody else, and just give Moses the title for that era.

Post Moses era - Rodman, most complete on both ends, with his offensive board skills and positioning, giving the biggest advantage to his teams.

Modern Day - I don't know. Could probably get a dozen different answers for this question. Andre Drummond? DeAndre Jordan? Dikembe Mutombo? Shaq (though he never actually led the league in rebounding)? Game has evolved. Ball gets spread around the floor more, the bigger men have been moved out of the box, and guards swarm the ball off the rim to try and get it up the floor quicker.
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