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Gather 'round grid fans and let me tell you the story of Army's fabulous twins Felix "Doc" Blanchard and Glenn Davis. The story of the Army-Navy game 1944 in Baltimore Stadium before 70,000 fans. Blanchard and Davis didn't do anything during the first half but their Army team carried a 7-0 lead Coach Blaik gave a great pep talk. The third period ends Army 9 Navy 7 Blanchard and Davis are fighting mad. Davis intercepts a pass to midfield it's a made to order situation for the 208 pound package of dynamite Doc Blanchard. Doc carries 7 times 48 yards touchdown Army. Doc huddles up his team and plans to run the "California Special" play when they get the ball back. Army gets the ball, Blanchard flips a lateral to the unguarded Davis who streaks through the secondary like greased lightning and a 60 yard touchdown. Army wins 23-7
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