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His "family" sounds like a piece of work.

No reason to hold out on something so long. If it was meant to create a great demand, you'd think they would have pulled the trigger by now on cashing in.

UNLESS, he signed a bunch and they are just waiting in limbo, maybe until he dies? I imagine if such a rare and desired card was released in small quantities after he had died, the demand would probably be the greatest then.

Originally Posted by David Cameron View Post
Prior to the 1987 spring training Ricky Wright was trying to catch on with the minor league Tigers and, with another friend from California we went to FL for the 1987 spring training. Both of us were working on signed sets and the Topps set was among them. Together we went to the Tigers camp the day before the major league players were scheduled to arrive and both of us were fortunate to see Ricky and we spoke with him for about an hour on the pretty much empty field. Ricky had decided to not sign card 202 as that card was to be signed and then auctioned for funds for his high school team to be able to build their own baseball field. In short time, however, the high school workouts merged with the jr college workout field and the need to auction for card was no longer necesarry and Ricky simply shelved the idea and his family pushed him to not sign that particular card, possibly ever, even though Ricky had promised the eventual gift of the signed Topps card to my friend and to myself. Both of us need only that one card to complete our signed sets. And yes, we do have the Ranger team card signed which pictures Wright on the mound with the manager there as well. Rumors that say Wright does not sign any other cards is not true although the family limits the fan mail reaching him.
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