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It may have an impression of where the foil should have been.

The foil is on a backing paper, and gets pressed in place with a heated die. Then the paper gets advanced for the next card. (Or sheet, or... )
If the foil/paper roll doesn't advance, there's no foil lined up to press and the card won't get foil. It will get an impression from the die.

If there's no impression, then it most likely never got the foil. A lot of cards with no foil or impression came from unfinished sheets that escaped the factory.
Or the machine fed two cards, and the foil pressing made them sort of stick together. (Very hard to prove)

Unless it's a known thing where a bunch were deliberately released with no foil, they're usually treated as misprints. Valueless to some varying value to player collectors. Favre would probably have some value as a misprint.
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