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Default Thought I Had My Top Non-Sport Piece Of The Year...Till This Morning!!!

 photo Water Closet 1_zpsh9g9o0nl.jpg

 photo Water Closet 2_zpsz2hwzcmo.jpg

When this poster arrived last week I thought for sure it was would be the best non-sport piece of the year for me...until this morning...

 photo As found_zpscnqt789s.jpg

 photo Police Sign Side 1_zpssutbifzk.jpg

 photo Police Sign Side 2_zpslhtt7zga.jpg

Went to the the Sacramento Antiques Fair bright and early...ran about 3/4 of the show found essentially nothing...So I'm walking down an isle in the second section and blam...I see this neon sign...A dealer I recognized was bringing it back to his booth on a dolly after buying it there at the never made it back...made the deal and rolled it right out to my truck!!!...I like the navy blue color and white lettering and that it's double sided...and I really like the size 41" wide by 12" tall which makes it very manageable...The brackets and hanging wire are all there...I don't think I've ever had that much attention carrying something out of a show... a few people stopped me and were excited about it...

 photo Carlton amp Sign_zps04euvwom.jpg

It's very restorable...I think I'll wax it to take off the oxidation of the can see where just handling it wore off some of the oxidation...I'd like to keep as much of the original paint as possible...I figure I'll get the paint touched up then replace the neon....then in my kitchen it'll go!!

 photo Brackets_zpss1lfq8fq.jpg

 photo Wire Hanger_zpswmtr2ddc.jpg
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