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Originally Posted by jacksoncoupage View Post
Knowing that this card went through all of the changes that it did, arguably 12, minimum, all within 5-6 weeks of production time (January cases have the FF Ripken and full correction Randy), tells me that some versions must be even more limited than others. I stand by the bright green/scribble version and the visible Marlboro with green tint as two examples of rarer types.
Those are some very good points. Fleer sure needed lots of different attempts at covering the ad over that relatively short time frame. Any lightly tinted green card is very hard to track down. There are actually a few different green versions that are lightly tinted too. Most green cards though have darker tinting.

The fact that only 2 clear versions have shown up after 30 plus years makes me think they are the hardest card to find from the 80s. Seeing Steve’s clear card recently confirmed for me that the clear versions are lightly tinted blue cards and tracking down the blue cards with more tint is nearly impossible too. I’m definitely looking forward to any future discoveries people have with those cards and finding out more about them.

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