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Wow, Hatorade, you have an amazing collection. Thank you for sharing your pictures.

I agree that the clear version and blue tint are closely related. The blue bar intersecting RJ's head seems to have more overlap with the vertical grey bars above on these versions (and some of the clearer green versions).
I've wondered whether the first run(s) at the "green plant" produced the clear version. It seems they noticed the clear sign relatively quickly in the production process and made an initial "fix" of adding blue tint to the sign area. Since this didn't dull the clarity of the Marlboro letters (and perhaps drew even more attention to the sign) they moved on to "fix" the "fix" pretty quickly by apparently mixing yellow into the blue and then varying the proportions of yellow and blue to get darker greens. Of course I'm just guessing and others probably have better theories on this. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if another completely clear example is out there somewhere without the blue bar overlap apparent in the two known examples, perhaps coming from the "red plant". Steve
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