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I believe you are correct. This oddball set was created by BP and used as part of a content. They were given out at BP gas stations and you had to find two cards that went together in order to win a prize. There are two backs for each of the base set of 36 cards ... one with contest rules on it and one with an advertisement for the game. There were 5 additional cards that were the matches for the others and resulted in prizes:

Andre Tippett: $5 prize - 990 cards issued, Freeman McNeil: $10 prize - 325 cards issued, Clay Matthews: $100 prize - 18 cards issued, Tim Harris: $1,000 prize - three cards issued, and Deion Sanders $10,000 prize - one card issued.

Because the base cards were given out like candy at BP stations, they aren't worth much but are nice to look at!

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