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Posted By: runscott

...that doesn't ever require your presence, since you always seem to be available to post your nonsense.

Let's see what all we've learned from "Dr" Koos about runscott: hmmmm, he burns books. He started a witch-hunt against koos (but witch hunts usually involve looking for multiple witches and we've already identified the subject). Koos has private feedback specifically because Scott and Bob would otherwise contact his bidders (other than you, Koos, I don't communicate with morons). The all-powerful mighty Runscott has kept many board members from bidding on "Dr" Koos' beautiful NM Mantle, purely by asking Koos to explain himself. Oh, almost forgot - there were the comments about male body fluids;however, it's unclear whose body Koos is fixated on. Scott sleeps 7 hrs per night and doesn't go to work during the day (neat! you are actually sort of right on that one)

Gee, that Koos knows me really well. Now, what does Scott know about Koos? Easy - quite an eloquent writer when inspired by things filthy. That's about it...everything else is speculation, and I prefer to keep it that way.

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