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Default Recent B/S/T commentary

Posted By: Jason L

there's enough negative energy out there in the great wide world, we don't need unsolicited commentary of that type.

And heck, what if the guy DOES find the cards at the price he was hoping for?
Then he has the legitimate option of getting on the Board and bragging about it, and that would start a flame war, or whatever they're called...

It was a creative way to brag about having 22 Cobb cards, though, huh?

Edited to add:
DeadballPaul, how many are there in your group these days? Hadn't realized you had incorporated - Congrats!

Edited to add: You know, another thought is that it needs to be kept in mind that when you have 22 of something, you certainly want the unit price to be higher rather than lower, for the purposes of the positive leverage on your collection value.

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