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Originally Posted by Case12 View Post
I just picked up this Carl Hubbell. I knew it was heavily toned, but it was a super price. I have seen some vintage balls where folk have cleaned the ball to snow white, all except the signed panel...thus not disturbing the auto. What do folks think of this method? Leave it toned or clean it up a bit?

How is this done?

Also, if anyone thinks the auto is not authentic, I can still return it. Thoughts?

(It is a Feeney ball)

Hi Casey,
1st of all, your Carl Hubbell signature is 100% authentic.
This is a perfect example of his post-stroke signature.
I would not consider fooling with trying to alter the ball in any way.
Cleaning/bleaching this ball would be an ill-fated decision IMHO.
I hope this helps!
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