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Great card! I live in Syracuse, about 20 mins from Auburn. Unfortunately with MLB's reconfiguration of MILB this year, Auburn is no longer an affiliated franchise. But thankfully there will still be baseball played there this summer, its going to be a summer league for college players. Its a great little ballpark, in the middle of an old neighborhood. There is a house next door, along the first base side. They get foul balls hit into their yard! Imagine living there!

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Yeah, this minor league reconfiguration feels like a short-sighted plan to save money...but is penny-wise and pound-foolish. The minors are not only the place where future major league players are created, but future minor league fans.

RI’s minor league team moved to MA - they just couldn’t play in a stadium that’d had a major renovation 10 years ago. The team had an amazing owner from the 1970’s to a few years ago. Ticket prices from the 1970s to 2010s hadn’t even kept pace with inflation. When he passed, the team got sold to some money grubbing millionaires who tried to shake down the state for a new stadium. When that failed (they can thank Curt Schilling), they left town for a city that would pony up. Sad.

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