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A couple of different answers:
I was the crazy sports fan at Georgia Tech so I have a large Georgia Tech collection: many pieces of art, memorabilia, programs, and am working on collecting a period card from all of their players who played in professional leagues (or autos/photos if they didn't have a card). Doing pretty well on this endeavor.

Since I love college collectibles, I'm working on the T51 Murad College Series Master Set which started when I bought two raw cards from an antique show about 15 years ago. Just completed the basic set and still have 15 to go to complete the Master set of 225. Wrote an article on the set, published in The Wrapper, and posted online on the PSA message boards to inform others about how cool the set is.

As a Knight of Columbus, I am also working on a historical collection of KC stuff, including tobacco cards and a plethora of WWI era postcards and items.
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