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I collect because of my passion for history

My collection is anything and everything Columbus (Ohio) baseball between 1876 and 1945.

I collected when I was younger. Mostly the rare, hard to find, 80s and 90s Donruss and Topps that are priceless today. (Not the "I'm a millionaire" priceless, they actually have little to no value )

When I got back into the hobby a few years ago my passion for history became apparent. I was not attracted to the shiny modern cards (other than my Columbus Bluejackets hockey cards). I needed a direction and since I live in the Columbus, Ohio area I decided Columbus would be the centerpiece.

I started with Columbus Solons OJs and have recently expanded to cards of any players who spent time in Columbus ~400 between 1876 to 1945. I only collect pre-war although I did work on a 1956 Topps set last year (only need Mantle to complete it.)
Current Search:
Bob Meusel Set: 12/41
R312 Pastels Set: 6/50
1941 Skybirds: 14/24
1903-1908 Highlander Photos: 0/11
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