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I have several things I collect for different reasons. First of all, I am a diehard Cub fan. I started with collecting all the Chicago Cub from Topps base sets and updates from 1951 to current with all errors and variations. Set is current so I only add new cards when they come out.

Second in prewar, I collect Cards of Elmer Miller who is my great great uncle who played for the yankees in the teens and twenties and as a side branch of this, I collect E121-80 and E121-120 Yankees and Giants. My so called 1921 World Series set.

I also collect T207 Cubs with all the back variations. Missing the cycle back Ward Miller and Several Napoleon backs.

I started collecting T205 gold border Cubs with all the back variations. Currently up to 72 out of 151 possibilities.

My final collection is a set I am working on. The W572 strip card set. Up to 107 out of 121 cards. All of these cards are raw and in pages. The other prewar cards are all in SGC slabs. I like slabbed cards because I can pick up the cards and play with them. My total prewar is around 250 cards and post war is nearly 2000 cards.
Favorite MLB quote. " I knew we could find a place to hide you". Lee Smith talking about my catching abilities at Cubs Fantasy camp.
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