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Default Preach on!

I couldn't agree more with everything you've said, Dennis!

I found the joy of these cards a bit late, but luckily was able to make great progress through a long-time Dealer friend who had stocks from an original authorized Star distributor.
Also got some good encouragement from collecting friends (hi Peter), and off it went.

I think the Star cards are gorgeous and compelling to collect. In the case of these major stars in the history of Basketball (Jordan, Barkley, Isiah, Stockton, Olajuwon, etc., etc.), these predate their "rookie" issues by a good distance. Dominique was a great subject as well, and I also love the 5x7!

Full agreement on the future of Basketball as a global game, and with a POP of 900 on the Jordan #101 -- compared to the '86 Fleer at over 20k -- this is a no-brainer... Even before the insane run-up of Jordan prices recently.

I intend to keep adding a few here and there, and for me they are an absolute joy to collect.



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