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Originally Posted by frankbmd View Post
(It just ain't fair to the unemployed utility player with teams carrying 14 pitchers on their roster most of whom are one inning wonders in the bull pen)

..........All MLB games were 6 inning in length?

I suspect the complete game would make a comeback.

3 and 4 hour games would be eliminated.

You could still have that runner on second base but let the extra seventh, eighth and ninth innings be real baseball in the case of a tie.

The runner on second base in the tenth inning looks like a kid's game in the sandlot that is threatened by the mother's calling their kids home for dinner, and the kids want to know who won.

I suspect 3 or 4 relievers could do the trick with 5 starters. Certainly no more than 10 on the roster.

A 12 inning double header would be preferable to the current 14 inning affair.

The managers would have more flexibility to manage beyond calling the bullpen for a new pitcher every inning.

And to accommodate all the starters who cannot seem to pitch 5 innings any more, let 4 innings be the requirement to record a W.
And about 10 guys in either league would get the 3.1 plate appearances to qualify for a batting title. No hitter would ever again get 3,000 hits or 500 HR. They'd have to just start keeping hitting stats all over from scratch.
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