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Originally Posted by w7imel View Post
JMO but who would forge a Pedro Martinez? Did not realize there was that big of a market for him. Again JMO, would love to hear from the Pedro experts...Oh never mind there are none because Pedro was a jerk and no one wants his autograph!!!...Sorry guys I just snapped and as a life long Yankee fan the image of Pedro grabbing Don Zimmer's bald little head threw me into a blind rage all over again!!! But to the point is there a real reason to forge his auto?
Who would forge a Pedro autograph?? He was a HOF pitcher who had one of the greatest 5-6 year runs ever. He certainly was a bit of a diva and would throw at a guy every now and then, but he's not alone in either category. Do people want Bob Gibson's autograph? I am sure thousands in New England and across the country would like Pedro's autograph.

And pushing a guy out of the way when he's charging at you, regardless of his age? I certainly am a biased Red Sox fan but unless Joe Buck hadn't gone on a rant as it happened about how evil Pedro was (without seeing the replay to see Zimmer charging at him), it wouldn't have gotten the infamy it did.

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