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Old 03-15-2019, 09:49 AM
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Default 1958 Editores Peruanos?


Anyone know if this set was actually printed in 1958? I see that there was a "reprint" version printed in 2014, but have never seen any cards or albums from the "original" set.


Did PSA make a big mistake or did this set actually come out in 1958?

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Old 03-15-2019, 09:46 PM
esehombre esehombre is offline
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Default 1958 Pele

Yeah, just nuts. I think the guys write up says it all--if anyone thinks this is original well, i guess they will always have the PSA flip to fall back on!
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Old 03-19-2019, 09:38 PM
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Jonathan Rys.kamp
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Default This is a fake!!!!!!!!!

This card is clearly not from 1958. I have seen this same card for sale on eBay multiple times and almost bought it within the first minutes of it being listed the first time I ever saw it. However, at that time I asked the seller who confirmed it was a reprint. This card could even be that same one.

I am not even certain there is a 1958 version of this card. I have never seen one nor do I know of anyone else that has.

This seller on Mercado Libre Peru lists the same set as being published in 1980 "AÑO DE CIRCULACION: 1980," (see LINK ) which I think is totally reasonable and may have been the first printing. There might have never been a 1958 version of this, but instead was printed in 1980 to celebrate the 1958 World Cup.

I am annoyed that the seller is trying to pass it off as original. I wrote them and asked if it is from 1958 and got a wishy-washy response. I suspect that since he is knowledgeable about soccer cards and is the one who bought and submitted it to PSA, he knows it's a modern day card.

I have written him and asked him to re-list the card with more detailed information and let the market decide if it's original. Maybe it was an honest mistake . . .

To give the benefit of the doubt I will not list the eBay ID or the email I sent or received at this point. However, if he follows through with the auction you better believe I will do so!

Not disclosing a card as a reprint is a fraud and an unethical move, regardless of whether you have it in a PSA holder or whether you say you bought it at an estate sale and are selling it for your husband who died of cancer.

Mr Seller - If you are reading this, please do the right thing and relist the auction with the correct information.

Everyone else, I ask you to please reach out to the seller and remind him that it is illegal to commit fraud and knowingly sell something when you know it's a reprint. Please contact him ASAP and ask him to relist this card.
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Old 03-21-2019, 10:14 PM
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Jonathan Rys.kamp
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Location: USA
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Default All Is Well That Ends Well

I would like to report good news on this issue. After I contacted the seller with my concerns and a link to this thread they took down their listing and said they would contact PSA to get the card relabeled.

So hopefully PSA will not be grading this card again in the future.

For reference to those who may be reading this after the listing is no longer shown on eBay, below is the card in question.

And if anyone has information that would help place an original card printed in 1958 with an original album, please let us know. Otherwise, I would recommend being suspect of any of these cards and if you buy one pay as if it's a reprint.
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Old 03-22-2019, 08:40 PM
esehombre esehombre is offline
Join Date: May 2009
Location: Warner Robins Georgia
Posts: 432
Default PSA? Hello?

Thanks for the update and glad to hear someone did not get royally screwed. There is no doubt in my mind the seller knew something was wrong right away but this is really damning for the PSA brand. And just to confirm, I don't think this will even be a blip on their radar. There are people just knowledgeable enough to know they should buy the PSA brand and they will stick to that regardless of any damning evidence.

Who the hell are their soccer experts and who let this slip through the cracks? Maybe it is a simple mistake of just office dynamics--maybe hiring people to work the QA section with Child Development and Art degrees wasn't the best cost savings initiative? What information did they receive that convinced them beyond a shadow of a doubt that card was from 1958 and an original? Where is the accountability? The mistakes coming out of there are mind boggling--I have had numerous conversations with Joe Orlando and others at PSA trying to educate them and get them to slab certain issues where I provided them enough information to start a small library. Every once in a while I feel like I have been dropped in a Twilight Zone episode and I start looking around for Rod Serling!

Perhaps PSA will have someone come on here and assure us this will never happen again just to put our minds at ease.
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