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Originally Posted by packs View Post
It's proof that whenever Harry Lord is wearing his uniform and bends down the pinstripes on his uniform react accordingly. I'm having trouble seeing how they would ever react differently. They're on the uniform. What distinguishes his crouch so much so that you can definitively say that the newspaper photo could have not been taken any other day than the same day and play as the T202 photo? I don't see it.

In the T202 the Cleveland player's right arm is at his waist. In the newspaper photo, Jackson's right arm is at his forehead. In both photos he has yet to reach the bag. So how did he get his hand from his waist to his head so fast? These photos would have had to have been snapped in direct succession for them to be the same play. But the positioning of the right arms suggests otherwise.


Really. Truly. You do yourself a tremendous disservice when you start to argue photo analysis and identification with Mark. Please stop.
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