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Greetings fellow cardboard enthusiasts,

I've been putting together a "master set" (all back, all factories, all variations) of these lovelies for quite some time now and think I can agree with Dave on most of his findings. I noted that an earlier post attempted to identify the Canadian counterpart from Imperial Tobacco and though I still need some information I believe I have a more complete list. I have identified at least (9) numerical entries that have a second card, interestingly between 1 and 50. Here is that list:

C-52 Imperial Tobacco Checklist (T-218 Canadian)

1 Jack Johnson BOX
2 James Jefferies BOX
3a Clarence B. Tippett TRK
3b Tommy Murphy BOX
4a James P. Sullivan TRK
4b Dick Hyland BOX
5a Walter Bursch TRK
5b Ad Wolgast BOX
6a Budd Goodwin TRK
6b Unk Russell BOX
7a Frank Riley TRK
7b Battling Nelson BOX
8a H.E. Gissing TRK
8b Packy McFarland BOX
9 James Crowley TRK
10 S.P. Gilles TRK
11 Andrew Glarner TRK
12 Battling Hurley BOX
13 Melvin W. Sheppard (side face view) TRK
14 Lou Manley TRK
15 Ray C. Ewry TRK
16 Frank C. Irons TRK
17 Jim Stewart BOX
18 Robert Cloughen TRK
19 W.C. Robbins TRK
20 Thomas O'Callaghan TRK
21 Harry Hillman TRK
22 Martin Sheridan TRK
23 C.M. Daniels (seated) TRK
24 Johhny Coulon BOX
25 Platt Adams TRK
26a Geo. J. Obermeyer TRK
26b Harry Porter TRK
27 Tom Collins TRK
28 Lawson Robertson TRK
29 Paul Pilgrim TRK
30 Jack "Twin" Sullivan BOX
31 Jack Eller TRK
32 John Flanagan (full lgth) TRK
33a Emilo Lunghi TRK
33b M.J. McGrath TRK
34 Jem Driscoll BOX
35 Eddie Walsh BOX
36 Richard Frizelle TRK
37 Chas. J. Bacon Jr. TRK
38 Dan Ahearne TRK
39 Owen Moran BOX
40 Willie Lewis BOX
41 Billy West BOX
42 Johnny Marto BOX
43 Jimmy Gardiner BOX
44 Harry Lewis BOX
45 Stanley Ketchell BOX
46 Phil McGovern BOX
47 Walter Lee TRK
48 Abe Attell BOX
49 Sailor Burke BOX
50a Bert Keyes BOX
50b Jimmy Walsh BOX
51 Dave Deshler BOX
52 Fred Welsh BOX
53 Matty Baldwin BOX
54 Gusta Ljungstrom TRK
55 Johnny Hayes TRK
56 Ralph Johnstone AVI
57 J.B.Moisant AVI
58 Arch Hoxey AVI
59 Chas. K. Hamilton AVI
60 ???
61 Alex Smith GOLF
62 Findlay Douglas GOLF
63 Gil Nicholls GOLF
64 ???
65 Charles Eyton BOX
66 Al Delmaont BOX
67 Patsey Kline BOX
68 Frankie Conley BOX
69 Frank Klaus BOX
70 Tommy O'Toole BOX
71 Johnny Summers (sitting) BOX
72 Johnny Summers (standing) BOX
73 Thure Johansson TRK
74 Abel Kiviat TRK
75 E.J. Sweeney TRK
76 Percy Sellen TRK
77 J. J. McEntee TRK
78 Hans Holmer TRK
79 Edward P Weston TRK
80 Fred Meadows TRK
81 John Daly (port) POOL
82 ???
83 Willie Hoppe (portrait) POOL
84 George Sutton (F) POOL
85 ???
86 ???
87 James Rector TRK
88 Harry Cline POOL
89 ???
90 Thomas Hueston POOL
91 ???
92 George Sutton (Full) POOL
93 Ora Morningstar (F) POOL
94 Albert Cutler (F) POOL
95 Albert Cutler (port) POOL
96 William Heins BOWL
97 Calvin Demarest POOL
98 Alex Dunbar BOWL
99 Glenn Riddell BOWL
100 R. Johns (F) BOWL

Any additional info would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!
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